• In 2018 a new journal is founded directed to family medicine, called ‘The Romanian Journal of Family Medicine’. Family medicine is the cornerstone of modern health care systems. Therefore up-to-date information on research and innovations, related to family medicine, is essential for continuous quality of care and the health status of citizens.

Revista Romana de Medicina Familiei


• Editing and publication of quarterly online journal on palliative care PALIAŢIA, see www.paliatia.eu.


• Editing a program of continuing medical education for health professionals, see www.edmed.ro online.


• Data processing and publication of a comparative study on quality of life in community living Romanian elderly in Geriatrics & Gerontology International. The title:Health status of independently living older adults in Romania” – Click here for more.


• Ageing of societies causes serious political concerns on well-being of old citizens and care for the (frail) old. These concerns increased with the economic crisis of 2008. In European countries policy measures were taken to deal with the consequences of this crisis.
This study Do Changes in Welfare and Health Policy Affect Life Satisfaction of Older Citizens in Europe? published in Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Researche the possible effects of these measures on life satisfaction of older citizens.


• Strengthening the comprehensiveness and expenditures of social protection policy is essential to reduce preventable mortality. Also, this study How to Prevent Preventable Death? provides concrete examples for focused action.